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I had a long talk with my dad last night about me being a dick. Basically he said: stop doing that. And you know what, it’s good advice.

I like this.. I wonder sometimes if I need a talking to like this.

Music can be The Thread that Stitches Us Together

There is something absolutely magnificent about music that can only come across as truly and innocently beautiful. As though you can feel each musician’s commitment and energy toward the song.

I love connecting with people through music. It’s a language I may not speak fluently, but one that I wholeheartedly feel.

I think this is the same reason that I have a hard time being patient with people who don’t have diverse taste, or even listen to different genres or to much at all.
It’s like… It’s like they are cutting themselves off from the world, in a way. Art, in all forms, is a force that is ever-flowing and will never die. It can’t. All things around us is created through imagination and creativity and the feeling of necessity.

I just enjoy it so much.
I think I will always enjoy acoustic music over everything else. I enjoy my rap, my dubstep— all of that. I really do, I love it. But there’s something about the bare bones feeling you get with acoustic music, and relying on a few components to create something fantastic.
I think this ties into my appreciation for dubstep with incorporates samples of vocals and things.
I dunno.

Enjoy your music, and maybe find some new stuff to jam to.

-Always Optimistic



Televisionitis & Something to do with The Heart

I feel like Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Interpret that how you may.

-Always Optimistic
My Night

It was midnight, and I was youtube.

Then it was 1, and I was on my tumblr feed.

Then I rediscovered vine and somehow it’s 3 in the morning.

P.S. It makes me happy to hear Childish Gambino in the background of TV shows and vines. 

Gambino girl forever on that bracelet that she bought online… I’ll stop.

-Always Optimistic

Millennia in Minutes

I feel like this has been my best attempt at summing up my first year of college, so far:

"It was… Lifetimes long, but also felt like a couple weeks. I met some cool people, awesome artist, potential lifelong friends, and I dealt with more bullshit and drama than ever before in my life."

Hope y’all are doin’ well. I had a nice evening, despite the rest if the day. Hope you enjoy your days. -Always Optimistic
The Pursuit of Bilinguality, & Other Shit I’ve Decided to Make Up

I considered saying “words” instead of “shit”, but the curse felt more fun. Bad habit, I suppose.

I’ve taken Spanish almost throughout my entire school career (up until sophomore year of high school) and have only been able to retain some conjugation information, as well as some verbs, a couple phrases, and most if the number system.
I would like to be able speak more fluently.
Maybe someday.
Spanish is always around me, and I wish I could interact with it more sometimes.

I wish I didn’t have to work.
Or maybe, if work didn’t take up so much time or be such a hassle.
Whichever allows me to be free with my friends and enjoy myself.

I just finished watching The Grand Budapest Hotel with my parents, and I loved it.
It’s fantastic narration has my head buzzing with possible diction.

But, I must now go to the other side of my fence to buy some Mexican Cokes from the “La Bonita” market, upon my dad’s request.
Enjoy yourselves, people.
While you can.

-Always Optimistic